Alexander Krisak

Alex is dedicated to advising law firms, attorneys and their families through the various stages of their financial journey. As a financial advisor, Alex’s mission is to improve financial wellbeing for attorneys across the country. As a result of Alex’s focus on working with Bar Associations, Law Firms and in listening carefully to feedback, Alex has spearheaded many successful financial wellness initiatives.

Alex’s practice works with a wide range of individuals, families, and business owners. He follows a three step process: Access their short and long term goals, establish a plan to reach these goals, and execute the plan and monitor its success.

Alex holds a finance degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He began his mission in 2013 as a financial advisor for Baystate Financial.

During his free time Alex enjoys family time with his wife and two daughters. He enjoys the camaraderie of golf, the relaxation of food and nature photography, and loves new challenges.